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My name is Pauline and I have always had a great interest in cats.

It all started off when I had a Siamese and it wasn't too long before I had three.

We were due to go on holiday and I needed a cattery to place my beautiful cats in. I was recommended to use Diana Walters of Rohese Cattery at Brede.

I travelled down with my precious babies.

I was shown around the most fabulous cattery I had ever seen.

Diana was very kind and assured me the cats would be fine.

In her grounds I met my first Tonkinese a brown named, HonkyTonk Cowgirl.

She had just been mated and I fell in love at first sight. On return from my holiday Diana greeted with news her girl was pregnant.

I waited in anticipation for the arrival of my new baby.

We called her Chanel.

In no time at all we went back for another, we called he Falon. A pen was erected in the garden and I started breeding these wonderful cats with the help of Diana Walters

She herself did a lot to promote the breed showing her cats and gaining many titles.

She was a great help to me, encouraging me and listening to any problems I may have had. Diana has since moved to France but we still keep in touch 12 years later. I then decided I would like to own my own stud boy.

I contacted Lydia Lines and she was most helpful. She lived in North Yorkshire. I travelled up to meet her and stayed with her travelling back the next day with my wonderful Tugan. She herself was the first breeder to produce 6th generation kittens.

Lydia also has produced wonderful cats and has helped me on many an occasions with the mating for the colours I wanted to produce. Lydia also introduced me to my first tortie girl. I will always be indebted to her for giving me the chance of having my own stud.

I have shown Tugan many times. He is a champion - 5th Generation.

I now own ten Tonks and have produced many wonderful babies. The colours are fascinating and it never ceases to amaze me how different they all are.

talehtonkinese© 2014


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